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Squirrel Island Recreational Boat Mooring for Guests

Boothbay Harbor, ME

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Squirrel Island is located approximately 3 miles off the coast of Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Squirrel Island is one of Maine’s oldest summer colonies; it was established in 1871. It is approximately 137 acres, with 3 natural beaches, 5 tennis courts, boating facilities, Chapel, Library and other public buildings, 105 summer cottages mostly built by the turn of the 20th century, and over 2 miles of walkways. People walk everywhere; automobiles and bicycles are not permitted. There are trucks for deliveries.

Moorings located in Spring Cove at Squirrel Island are reserved for island residents only. However, the Squirrel Island Village Community (SIVC) owns and operates 4 moorings that can be rented on a first come, first serve basis to family and friends visiting Squirrel Island residents.

Once your reservation is approved, you will be assigned a buoy number. Buoys are clearly marked.

SIBA maintains six fully equipped dinghies are available at the Cove float at no charge. The dinghies are available for transport to and from moorings and must be returned to the float when not in use. The dinghies should not be left on a mooring or leave Spring Cove. A dinghy may, however, be left on a mooring if it is impractical for a motor-less sailboat to return it to the float.

Lockers are also available to rent for a small fee.

Summer Season: June 15 - September 15.

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Dock for Loading/Unloading Passengers

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Hunting and fishing and loving every day!

Boothbay Harbor, ME

Rules & Guidelines

The SIBA Board of Advisors and the Board of Overseers declare that all boaters should be aware that the privilege of receiving an assigned mooring in the Cove is given with the expectation that mooring owners may be asked to cooperate to achieve full and appropriate use of this scarce resource. To this end, and except for exceptional circumstances, each boater assigned a mooring space in the Cove should be expected, when asked by the SIBA Advisors, to agree that the SIBA Advisors may take reasonable and appropriate steps to allow temporary use by others of his or her mooring when such mooring is not otherwise in use.

  1. No Mooring shall be set within the Cove or Island waters without permission. A seasonal mooring fee will be assessed.
  2. The Squirrel Island Village Corporation shall not be liable for loss or damage to the boats on moorings.
  3. Mooring pennant lengths are to be 2 times the distance of your bow chocks above the water. Example: If your bow chocks are 4 feet from the water line, your pennant should measure approximately 8 feet from the mooring buoy to that chock. This will enable your vessel to have proper swing room for its length and for it’s assigned mooring space.
  4. Six feet is adequate painter length for securing a dinghy to a mooring buoy or float.
  5. All anchors are to be granite blocks.
  6. All mooring gear must meet SIBA minimum standards, and SIBA reserves the right to deny its usage. The design, sizing, and selection of mooring gear are subject to approval by the Harbormaster.
  7. Available moorings are assigned based on vessel LOA, and they are assigned on a first, come first served basis.
  8. Use of SIVC moorings is at the risk of the boat owner/operator.

Check In: 07:00 PM

Check Out: 03:00 PM

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  • Locker


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